Hadoop Project List:

  1. Analysis and Mitigation of NoSQL Injections.
  2. Self-Healing in Mobile Networks with Big Data.
  3. Data security on web vulnerability with NoSQL injection.
  4. FiDoop: Parallel Mining of Frequent Itemsets Using MapReduce.
  5. Hadoop Recognition of Biomedical Named Entity Using Conditional Random Fields.
  6. Real-Time Big Data Analytical Architecture for Remote Sensing Application.
  7. DyScale: a MapReduce Job Scheduler for Heterogeneous Multicore Processors.
  8. An Incremental and Distributed Inference Method for Large-Scale Ontologies Based
    on MapReduce Paradigm.
  9. Self-Adjusting Slot Configurations for Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Hadoop Clusters.
  10. A social inverted index for socialtagging- based information retrieval.